Stealin’ Back to my Same Old Used-to-Be.

Put your arms around me
Like a circle `round the sun
You know I love you, baby
When my easy ridin’s done

You don’t believe I love you
Look at the fool I’ve been
You don’t believe I’m sinkin’
Look at the hole I’m in.

Stealin’, stealin’
Pretty mama don’t you tell on me
I’m stealin’ back to my
Same old used to be

Just heard this song on my playlist and it took me back to college.

These lyrics to me were always about how how hard it is to escape your emotional/social class and status. Given the opportunity, old habits come back, we gravitate to familiar environments, we rely on skills and traits that we have had from our youth. One day, you’re flying high. The next…it’s back to the old Familiar: the old hole, as it were.

Not to say that we can’t do it, but when faced with certain types of stress or other obstacles in our lives, the natural human trend is to be ‘stealin back to my same old used to be’. This type of inertia makes it very hard to move upwards…financially, socially, emotionally, interpersonally.

Something to think about as we struggle to overcome obstacles and jump over life’s hurdles.

You better be good friends with yourself.


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