Coincidences 3: The Newspaper Clipping

The Newspaper Clipping.
After I graduated, like so many folks, I lost track of some important people. One was my HS buddy Kevin B who went to college with me, and for a short while we were roommates. During our time at college, he met a girl named Michelle and started dating her seriously.

The paths of life took us in different directions, and I lost track of Kevin, but I always wondered what happened to him. Many years later, maybe 15 years after graduation, I came back to visit my old Alma Mater, and was walking through the Field House…a large inflatable building that gave athletes a place to play and work out during the cold winter months. Off in one corner of the field house was a small generator room where my Ultimate Frisbee teammates and I would hang out during practices, and I stuck my head in there just for old times sake. On the ground was a section of a page torn from an old campus newspaper. I picked it up just and saw that it was about 5 years old. It must have sat on the floor of this little room since it was printed. On the back of it, among the other brief articles, was Kevin and Michelle’s wedding announcement! And it also mentioned how he was flying helicopters for the Army National Guard and that they were living down south somewhere.



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