Coincidences 5: The Sweater

The Sweater.
So when I lived in Seattle with Peter and Julie, we lived in this big old house up on Capital Hill, overlooking the water. Several friends had lived in that house over the years, moving back and forth from Maine and connecting with whoever lived there at the time. One day, Peter and I were cleaning out the attic and found some dusty boxes with old clothes that needed to be donated or thrown out. One of the boxes had this funky, bulky old sweater. It was made from very coarse black and white yarn, and it looked like someone had ‘finger knitted’ it, as the weave was VERY wide open. It was big and droopy and just too funky to discard, so I adopted it and wore it often.

About four years later, having made the move back to Maine, I met up with my friend Carol R for lunch somewhere. I was wearing that sweater, and when I walked in she declared “Hey, that looks just like an old sweater that I left in a box in the attic of a building in Seattle about 10 years ago!”

It turns out that Carol was the first person to find the house, and she lived there with her boyfriend. When they split up, she went back to Maine and left some stuff in their attic. Her boyfriend ended up having some friends move in with him, and he eventually left, leaving the friends renting the house. Then, a few years later, as some of those friends moved out, Carol’s brother Miles moved in. Then Miles invited some of HIS friends to move in as space became available, and one of those people was friends with Peter. So when Peter and Julie came out west, they moved in and invited me. And eventually, the house was getting cluttered with so much stuff that Peter and I decided to clean it out, which led to me finding the sweater and bringing it back to Maine and returning it to Carol, who I never knew had even lived in that house.



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